NEXEDGE Coverage


Regional Communications for Your Business is Now Reliable and Affordable with NEXEDGE Digital Networks

Immediate, reliable communications is key to your company’s success, making it critical that you know where your workers, vehicles and other assets are at any moment. Assure the safety and efficiency of your employees and help them be more productive, no matter where their work takes them, with NEXEDGE digital two-way radios. Our national network of NEXEDGE system operators offer the next generation of radio communications, featuring KENWOOD digital two-way radios. When your business is on a NEXEDGE system, your monthly airtime costs are low, your voice and data are secure and you are assured of day in, day out, reliable coverage across a city or even a multi-state region. There is no need to build out your own private network or try to rely on cell phones for your critical communications. Gain all the benefits of a private network with none of the risks or high costs when you rely on NEXEDGE system operators for your important business communications.

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System Advantages

Built for Business Communications

NEXEDGE two-way radios and NEXEDGE systems are built for business, and your NEXEDGE operator will customize your radios to your exact requirements with GPS, intrinsically safe options and more. KENWOOD radios are ruggedized to work even in high noise and adverse weather conditions. Even if your area is struck by natural disaster, your business needs to stay open and responsive to customers. Being on a NEXEDGE system means you are on a resilient network that is unlikely to fail, using two-way radios that will continue to deliver crisp, loud voice communications, no matter what.

Local, State-Wide and Regional Coverage

One major advantage for your business in partnering with a NEXEDGE system operator are the roaming agreements with other operators, and a unique, proprietary system bridge that enables seamless regional coverage. Challenge NEXEDGE operators to grow with your business, adding additional coverage, radios and features as your business expands, all at a low monthly cost.

Predictable Costs are Smart for Business

Low upfront costs and a predictable monthly fee for airtime will help you manage costs, while still giving your employees a reliable business communications tool. You can purchase devices outright or reduce capital costs with an extended service contract, whatever works for your business.

Security or Convenience? Why Not Both?

Digital KENWOOD NEXEDGE radios are secure, ensuring that your business’ vital communications are not overheard. This is important in competitive situations as well as when customer information must be kept confidential. The ability to use data and integrate with smart phones further increases your ability to keep conversations private.

GPS, Bluetooth® and More

Your KENWOOD system operator can customize your system to your requirements. Select mobile radios for vehicles, portable radios for easy, on-the-go communications, GPS for worker and vehicle location, Bluetooth capability for hands-free operation and a suite of innovative NEXEDGE apps like text messaging, everything you need to further your systems’ usefulness and flexibility.

Your Local Wireless Expert

KENWOOD NEXEDGE operators are experts in wireless communications. Our authorized dealers are an integral part of your community. If you ever need service or other support, these dedicated local business people are a phone call away, not at headquarters location somewhere else in the country. Their expertise and experience is always available to you as a NEXEDGE system customer.

A System that Works the Way You Do

No need to wait for a dial tone before you can contact your team. A push of a button and two-way radios give you immediate and instant communications, whether you need to reach one employee, a group or multiple groups. This is key in case of emergency but also important when you need to quickly deploy a vehicle or team that is closest to a customer.

Purpose-Built for Business

KENWOOD has spent more than 70 years perfecting sound, so NEXEDGE radios feature renowned KENWOOD audio and noise cancelling technology for crisp, clear voice quality under any circumstances. All KENWOOD radios are rugged, designed for extremes in temperature and daily use, meeting Mil-Spec 810 C, D, E, F and G and NEXEDGE portables also meet the IP (International Protection) IP67 standard for dust and water immersion. KENWOOD portables are ideal for long shifts and constant use, with an ergonomically designed case that makes them easy to hold and up to 13.5 hours talk-time with the 2,000 mAH battery. The IS (Intrinsically safe) models are an option for hazardous work environments with flammable materials.


NEXEDGE is built on the NXDN® standard, developed by JVCKENWOOD and Icom. It is an internationally recognized standard and was originally designed to offer very narrowbanding capability at 6.25 kHz prior to an FCC mandate for universal 12.5 kHz operation, taking the technology one step beyond the mandate, which means these systems are ready for use well into the future. NXDN uses Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), dividing the channel by frequency for greater efficiency in bandwidth use and a lower possibility of interference.

Avoid Fines

With two-way radio, you get the convenience of one button instant communications, faster than speed dial, plus you will be compliant with US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations as well as most state laws for the use of mobile devices in a commercial vehicle. Don’t risk the possibility of getting fined by using cell phones.