144/430MHz FM Dual Bander TH-D75A
  • 144 / 220 / 430 MHz TRIBANDER


144 / 220 / 430 MHz TRIBANDER . KENWOOD’s multiband transceiver: Innovative APRS and DIGITAL voice functions expand the excitement.


  • - Compatible with the APRS communication protocol, which allows real-time two-way data transmission by using packet communications. Various types of communication are possible, such as GPS positional information sharing, text messaging, and communicating via the ISS and other satellites. In addition, full-fledged APRS operation is made possible through a unique standalone digipeater function that sets APRS-veteran KENWOOD apart.
  • - Station list, object functions
  • - QSY function
  • - Text messaging
  • - Standalone digipeater function
  • - KISS mode TNC
  • - APRS Menu Settings
  • - Wideband and multimode reception
  • - Supports D-STAR, the amateur radio digital communications protocol, which provides both voice and data modes. From local to overseas QSOs can be enjoyed in a variety of modes, including simplex, single repeater, and gateway communications over a network of repeaters. Newly supported Reflector Terminal mode and simultaneous reception of two digital voice signals provide additional flexibility to D-STAR operations.
  • - DV fast data mode
  • - Simple operation in DR (D-STAR Repeater) mode
  • - Setting via the digital function menu
  • - Reflector Terminal mode
  • - Simultaneous reception of two digital voice channels
  • - Easily updated repeater list
  • - Built-in GPS module and patch antenna
  • - Standard compatibility on a rich interface
  • - Powerful voice guidance
  • - More convenience with free PC software
  • - IF output mode
  • - KENWOOD custom-tuned sound quality