FAQ (Communications)

Q:How do I obtain warranty service on my KENWOOD product?

You may take your KENWOOD product to any of our KENWOOD authorized service centers for warranty repair. Be sure to present a copy of your purchase receipt for warranty verification.

Q:My product is no longer under warranty. Can I still get it repaired?

The majority of our products are repairable even after the warranty period. Take or ship the product to any of our KENWOOD authorized service centers. The service center will provide you with a repair estimate prior to beginning the work. There is a nominal diagnostic fee that the service center will charge you for evaluation of your product. Should you decide to have the product repaired, the diagnostic fee that you will pay will be credited toward the total cost of the repair.

Q:I do not live in the United States. Where do I find contact information for a KENWOOD office in my country?

The KENWOOD USA website provides information and support only for our customers in the USA. You may find the closest KENWOOD affiliate to your country by going to the home page at www.kenwood.com.

For Home & Car Audio products click here and follow the directions to register your KENWOOD product. Upon completion of the registration process you will be given the option to purchase an extended warranty for various warranty terms. Be sure to keep a copy of your service contract so that you have contact information should you require assistance with warranty repairs once the product is covered by the extended warranty contract.

For Land Mobile Radio products please contact your KENWOOD Manufacturer's Representative or your local KENWOOD dealer.

For Amateur Radio products please contact your local KENWOOD dealer.

Q:Where can I find Instruction Manuals for my product?

Instruction Manuals can be downloaded from our Instruction Manuals Page. Select the product line for which you need a manual then select the model number from the drop down list.