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Excelon Performance & Quality

eXcelon products incorporate the latest technologies and deliver the highest sonic performance. From advanced audio tuning capabilities, crossover and equalizer systems, high voltage preouts and two-year warranty, eXcelon represents the very best product available.

Small Footprint Design

X-Series amplifiers have one of the smallest footprints in their class, making them a great solution for vehicle installation where space is at a premium. This compact size was made possible by the development of an efficient heat dissipation design combined with an intelligent cooling system. This enables a compact amplifier to be installed in tight locations previously restricted to lower performance amps. This is ideal for users who do not wish to sacrifice space or prefer a stealth installation.

Class D

Class D amplifiers’ are among the most efficient amplifiers available when compared with typical Class A/B amplifiers. Class D amplifiers are usually around 80% efficient which means they make smaller demands on the electrical system of the car, produce less heat and can be smaller in size.

Variable Low-Pass Filter

Filters high frequencies out of the music and improves efficiency and sound quality by allowing only the low frequencies to pass to the subwoofer.

Variable Bass Boost

Adjust the fixed bass boost frequency (40Hz) to maximize natural bass performance.

General Features

Operating Voltage: 14.4V (11 - 16 V allowable)
Current Consumption: 36 A
Dimensions (W x H x D): 229 x 55 x 187 mm (9 x 2-3/16 x 7-3/8)
Weight: 1.9 kg (4.1 lbs)
Warranty: -