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  • CD Receiver with Built-in
    Bluetooth & HD Radio


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  • 3-Line Full Dot LCD
  • variable Color Illumination
  • 3 Preouts 4.0V
  • Dual USB(F/R) Front AUX
  • Steering Remote-In
  • CD Door/Cover
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 3 Preouts (Gold) 5.0V
  • Rear ViewCamera-In
  • USB × 2
  • Dual Zone AV Control
  • aha
  • radio
  • TDF(Theft Deterrent Faceplate)
  • Anti-Dust Flip-up door
  • Built -in HD Radio
  • Front AUX & Dual USB Interface (Front/Rear)
  • Sound Excellence DSP (DTA, Sound Elevation, Highway Sound... )
  • Bluetooth Built-in (Hands-Free Profile / Audio Profile)
  • MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV Files Playback with ID-3 Tag Display

Feature Highlights

Drive EQ

Road noise is the enemy of all audio systems found in vehicles. The inherent
frequencies of road noise masks a wide range of the audio signal found in music,
and this is the reason KENWOOD engineers developed Drive EQ. Drive EQ boosts
specific frequencies in the audio signal to compensate the negative impact of road

drive equraizer
Photo Real Junction View

3Line / 2Line Selectable LCD Display

Choose between a larger two line display or more information from a three line display.


Dual USB Ports

USB devices can be connected not only to the front panel, but also to a cable on the rear.


CD Door / Cover

For dust prevent ion, a CD Door/Cover has also been adopted.


The Perfect Entertainment Package

Works with Pandora Internet

Customized internet radio that plays music based on your favorite
artists. KENWOOD receivers provide a rich Pandora experience.


KENWOOD Music Control

Download this free application from Google Play and use the search function to
easily find a track you would like to listen by using the artist name or the
like.*Compatible only with Android smartphones supporting mass storage devices.


verizon 4G

SiriusXM is channels and channels of anything you want to listen to.
Commercial-free music, sports, talk radio and entertainment. If that’s
not enough there is comedy, news, traffic, weather and more. It can
all be found on SiriusXM.


i HeartRadio for iPhone and Android

iHeart Radio is an Internet radio platform that delivers content from
over 800 local Clear Channel radio stations from all over the United
States. iHeart also functions as a music recommendation system,
making it easy and fun to discover new music.


HD Radio

HD Radio has improved FM and AM sound quality, more content
with the additional broadcast channels.

Hd Radio

variable Color illumination

TYou can select a preset color or create your own to match the dashboard lighting or your mood of the day.


Bluetooth Technology

Verizon 4G LTE Connection

Easily stream music from your phone or other
Bluetooth devices directly to the receiver.
Functions such as track name display and track
search are also available from the receiver.


Pre-installed APPs

The receiver will allow the voice dialing feature found on most smartphones to work
through Bluetooth.

Siri Eyes Free

New External

For easy installation, a new microphone with angle and
swivel adjustment is included.


Route Collector

Access Phonebook, Last Calls, and Missed Calls from the receiver and make hands-free calls.

iPhone Automatic

Automatic Bluetooth pairing function for iPhone via USB is available on all built-in Bluetooth